We apply a practice opening fee for every apartment, the amount changes depending on the kind of the properties. Every practice opening fee is indicated on the informations of the apartment, published on our website.

the payment of the deposit implies the acceptance / signing of this contract


The customer, at the time of booking, has to pay a deposit to the selling agency equal to 25% of the total amount and the additional costs (Ferry, practice opening fee). The payment with bank transfer has to be cleared 15 days before the arrival/ trip. If the customer prefers to pay at the arrival, the payment has to be made only by cash or check. For reservations made 15 days before the trip / stay, the customer is required to pay the full amount of the balance.

In case of missed payment of the booked services within the established terms, Margherita Viaggi has the right to invalidate, at its unquestionable discretion, any travel document/ title previously issued and to legally proceed to get their payment.


Margherita Viaggi will send to the customer a “optioned booking” containing: a detailed description of all the services offered, the price of such services, the amount of the deposit and a copy of the General Conditions. The booking will be finalized with the written confirmation from Margherita Viaggi. The payment of the deposit implies the automatic confirmation of receipt and acceptance of the terms and conditions.

The reservation is completed at the moment of the written confirmation from Margherita Viaggi and previous subscription from the Customer of the travel contract complete with the copy of the General Condition of Margherita Viaggi.


Information, descriptions, promotions, offers, tariffs and seasonality posted on this website are to be considered true, except mistakes, omissions and updates.

Margherita Viaggi has the right to communicate anytime possible changes. If necessary, Margherita Viaggi has the right to replace the accommodation and place of stay. The traveler must communicate to Margherita Viaggi the choice to withdraw or to benefit of the alternative package within 2 days from the receipt of the alternative proposal. The missed acceptance by the Customer of possible changes will oblige Margherita Viaggi to return the payment received within 7 working days since the communication from the Customer.


For every single variation requested by the Customer the sum of Euro 30.00 will be charged plus possible penalty.


If the traveler has to cancel his holiday, he can give the reservation to another person who accepts all the general conditions. The traveler must communicate to Margherita Viaggi through letter with return receipt or fax which will have to be received within 4 working days before arrival indicating the transferor’s personal details. The traveler and the transferee are responsible for the payment of the amount required and for the additional fees coming from the sale and equal to the amount of Euro 30.00


In case of withdrawal of the travel contract, the Customer in addition of the practice opening fee, has to pay the following penalties:

– 25% of the total amount from the day of the written confirmation of Margherita Viaggi up to 31 days before the date of arrival;

– 50% of the total amount from 31 to 15 days before the date of arrival;

– 75% of the total amount from 15 to 10 days before the date of arrival;

– 100% of the total amount if later.

This last penalty also applies if the Customer interrupts the holiday already started.


The property is leased as temporary and secondary home during the summer vacation. The parties agree that the present contract is clearly signed for that purpose, with exception of any others.


Prices shown, unless otherwise indicated, are per apartment and for the period of one week. They include: the location of the premises with related services, furniture, dishes and items for the kitchen and essential accessories for a brief holiday stay, V.A.T. In the price are also included consumption, water, electricity and gas consumption. Prices do not include the services of linen, final cleaning, the cost of any extra beds, practice opening fee, any taxes and whatever not expressly stated as included as included or free.


Except where otherwise mentioned, apartments will be available from 16.30 pm to 19.00pm on the day of arrival and must be returned by 09.30 am on departure day in optimal condition of cleaning especially the kitchen and bathroom.

If, for reasons of any major force, the arrival will be delayed please contact the agency as soon as possible.

It is not possible to occupy the apartment with a numbers of people more than the number of beds.


Except where otherwise mentioned, on the day of arrival a caution for any possible damage must be given to the agency. It will be returned at the end of the stay except in case of damages or missed final cleaning of the apartment.

The caution amount is:

-Euro 200.00 Studio Flat- 2 Bedroom Apartments

-Euro 400.00 3-4 Bedroom Apartments

-Euro 500.00 Villas


Pets are allowed only previous authorization.



The prices of the tables listed in the website are per person in double room with services based on the indicated treatment, with relative supplements and reductions (for the added beds years are to be intended not finished yet) and inclusive of V.A.T. and percentage of service.

The chosen treatment must be equal to all the room occupants.

The extra meals individually purchased can have a higher price and possible not taken meals can’t be refunded.

Drinks, tips, visitor’s tax, any extra in general and anything else not clearly mentioned as included and free are not included in the price.


Except where otherwise mentioned, rooms will be available from 15.00 pm to 19.00pm on day of arrival and must be returned by 09.00am on departure day.

If, for reasons of force majeure, the arrival should be delayed please contact the direction of the accommodation as soon as possible.


The classification of the accommodation facilities are assigned according to the current regulations from competent local authorities.

About the extra accommodation facilities or in case of missed official classification, it is assigned from Margherita Viaggi a personal evaluation on the basis of these quality standards.


In case of complaints regarding the received services, in order to have a probative check of the inconvenience and to make up for it, the Customer must immediately contact Margherita Viaggi.

The Customer can also send to Margherita Viaggi a written letter of complaint through registered letter within 10 working days from the end of the serviced established by the travel contract.


The selling of tourist packages treated in this website is regulated by the present General Conditions and the Dispositions of the International Convention regarding the travel contracts ratified and enforced by the Law 27/12/1977 n.1084 and the Consumer Code Law by Decree n.206 of 06/09/2005 (art 82-100) and its following modifications.

According to the art.85-86 of the Law by Decree n.206 of 06/09/2005, the selling agency making the reservation of the tourist services on account of the Traveler Customer is obliged to subscribe with the Traveler Customer himself the travel contract which must describe in detail all the booked services and must unequivocal specify that the Traveler Customer has read, accepted and received a copy of the General Condition posted on Margherita Viaggi website.

The missed or incomplete subscription of the travel contract will relieve Margherita Viaggi of any responsibility for the non-performance of the obligation established at the expense of the Selling Agency and the Consumer.

Margherita Viaggi is not responsible for the damages and the inconveniences caused by strikes, suspensions, delays for adverse weather conditions, natural calamity, public works, road accidents, lack of water or blackout, interruption of the communication and transport.

Possible additional costs at the expense of the Customer and the missed performances due to the previous causes can’t be refunded.

Moreover, the organizer is not responsible for possible damages resulting from independent initiatives taken by the traveler in the course of the journey.

Luggage travels at the risks of the Customer and Margherita Viaggi is not responsible for any theft, loss or damages.


The organizer is obliged to provide assistance to the traveler of the measures imposed by the criterion of professional care, only in respect of the obligation on his own.


To cover the risks to people caused by the participation in travel programs or stay as well as guarantee of the fulfillment of the obligations to clients, Margherita Viaggi has signed with the insurance company Mondial assistance, polizza di Responsabilità Civile “Flat Premium” per Organizzatori e Intermediari di Viaggio. Insurance policy number 190610 according to the art.86 L.R.T. n.42 of 23/03/2000 and n.14 of 17/01/2005.


According to the art. 100 D.L.n.206/2005 is expected the institution of a guarantee fund by Ministry of Productive Activities that is available to all travelers in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the seller or the organizer.

The mode of action of the fund is established by Decree of the Ministry of the productive activities (art.100 D.L. 206/2005).

VALIDITY  From January 1th to December 31 th 2018


Margherita Viaggi SRL unip

Autorizzazione amministrativa Provincia di Livorno n.102 of 10/04/1995